Long time, no posts…

by bluescrn

So, 6 months later…

Yes, it’s been that long since I posted anything on here… although I’ve been tweeting a fair bit.

Little Acorns was released, did OK-ish. News on other platforms coming soon-ish (unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’re releasing on Android, though). Anyway, after that I spent time prototyping a couple of other ideas – a word game, then Flutterpillar, a rollercoastery thing with a caterpillar.

The new project

But neither of those went very far, and I ended up working on a 3D into-the-screen game, influenced by old classics such as Trailblazer, Sky Roads, and STUN Runner. The working title is ‘Skyriders’, and it looks something like this (video is a few weeks old, though). Technically it’s going quite well – it runs at a nice smooth 60fps on an iPhone 4, and the rendering is working fairly cleanly – simple-but-effective lighting, environment maps, and alpha-fading out in the distance. You really can’t do anything clever with shaders on iOS is you want to run at 60fps on the iPhone 4, unfortunately…


Other distractions…

It’s been a slow few months for progress, between being ill, unmotivated, or just plain distracted by things like this:

A small quadcopter, powered by an Arduino, a Wii Motionplus board, and the open-source MultiWii software… It’s done a lot more crashing than flying so far, but it more-or-less works…

Anyway, time to start updating this site a bit more, and try to do some proper dev blogging!

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Tal Syed February 26, 2013 - 9:35 am

Hi there. Thank you for all the great games you have developed.

I’m a noob android developer, and I have interest in robotics. I feel this kind of meets in the middle at arduino. Android and Robots. That’s my thing definitely. I’ve been coding for android for almost 2 months now, and I have elementary knowledge of embedded systems.

My point being that I have my undergrad project coming up in 5-6 months, and I was thinking of an android “controlled” robot, arduino being the obvious choice of platform. Now I dont know how you figured out the quadrotor (a big deal to me), I need conceptual guidance from you… how did you manage it from both sides (android and the hardware) and what sort of processing you do on the android, and what processing happens on the aurdino board. Did you make it autonomous, (at least partially), is it possible for me to make it autonomous, if i fancy it? Did you, and should i use the phone sensors for guiding the robot, or is it unreliable. If you could please tell me as much as you can afford to, at least the specs about the motors, wings, rpm, etc, coz i really want to do this.


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